What is Corpo Kinetic?

Corpo Kinetic is a boutique Pilates studio in Oakland, CA.  We specialize in Rehab care and Pilates for injury recovery & prevention.

Corpo = body
Kinetic = movement

Your goal may be overall fitness and health, improved athletic performance, or rehabilitation from pain or injury – we can help.

Our instructors combine a comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics, a passion for movement, and a commitment to your needs and goals.  Meet our team.


Boutique Pilates Studio

Purposefully intimate, our space is your space.

Located on the second floor of a secured building, Corpo Kinetic is a private studio.  Take in some sun in the courtyard, then drop your cares at the door and join your instructor.  During your class, you can be promised a space free of distraction and an hour focused on you.


We find a boutique Pilates studio offers the private, quiet environment well-suited to our rehab care, as well as to those looking for the focus they need to deepen their fitness through private Pilates training.

Here for a group class?  Our boutique Pilates studio keeps the group classes small.  With a max of four participants, you’ll get the individual attention you’ll need to see real changes.  Check out our group class schedule.

If you’re looking to deepen your knowledge base, we also offer periodic workshops focusing on areas of particular concern, or skills in self-care.  Check out our current offerings, and sign up for our mailing list to get first dibs when we release a new one.