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Summer Open House

Summer is here, and Corpo Kinetic has been officially in business for over a year!  We’re planning a Pilates-style celebration and invite you to join us for:

  • Pilates-themed games
  • Prizes, discounts, and give-aways
  • Demos throughout the evening
  • Healthy snacks and treats, including the “Pilate Pale” (a beer designed to be enjoyed after your Pilates session)

Sunday, June 28th, 4-7pm
Corpo Kinetic Pilates & Wellness Studio
6355 Telegraph #208, Oakland

Come celebrate with us!  Bring that friend you’ve always wanted to introduce to Pilates, your partner to whom you’d like to explain why you love your workouts so much, or just bring yourself and meet some of your fellow Pilates aficionados.

Hope to see you there!

Anatomy Moment: Fascia Matters – but what is it?

roll-release4I have the pleasure of working with several clients whose work lives are in marketing.  One of them told me recently that “fascia is trending!”  I was secretly thrilled by this news, because anything trending that has to do with anatomy is just right up my alley.

If you’re like many of us, you may have heard of fascia, but you may be somewhat confused about what exactly it is, or why rolling on a foam roller or pinky ball helps your body. On that note, I give you Corpo Kinetic’s most recent Anatomy Moment: Fascia Matters.

Fascia’s family.  Fascia is classified as a “connective tissue.”  Connective tissue is a large, somewhat convoluted category which includes: bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, blood, lymph, fat, and fascia.  One of the main roles of connective tissue is to provide physical support for the body, and the network of fascia is no exception.

What is fascia? Fascia surrounds all structures in our body.  It is a slippery material which reduces friction and permits easy movement.

For example, as you bend your arm, your bicep contracts, and as the muscle shortens it must glide easily across the underlying arm bone and the overlying skin.  If we didn’t have fascia, as we moved our muscles would rub on bone, nerves, skin, and blood vessels.  Think of an old track of carpet in the main passageway of the house which, after years and years of being walked on, has worn down to the threads.  Fascia prevents friction from causing a similar phenomenon in our bodies.
What is an adhesion?  If there is a problem in the fascial layers and they aren’t gliding properly, the fascia layers will adhere.  While this does prevent friction, it can create problems down the line.  Imagine pushing a shopping cart easily down the aisles – all four wheels spinning equally.  Now imagine that one of the wheels is sticky and no longer gliding right.  Instead of an effortless stroll, you’d be contorted and working unevenly to get that cart to roll in a straight line.

An adhesion is kind of like a “sticky wheel” inside the body.  If one part isn’t moving due to an adhesion, other parts will be moving or working too much, and pain can develop.  Some people feel pain around the adhesion or stuck area, and others feel pain around the part which is overworking.

roll-release2What is myofascial release? “Myo” stands for muscle, “fascial” is for fascia.  A myofascial release addresses fascial adhesions and tight muscles, working to release areas of tension.  Massage therapists perform myfascial release, and Pilates instructors will often use foam rollers and massage balls to show you how to perform releases on your own.

Ok, I have a foam roller and a pinky ball… Now: How often should I use it? For how long? When will I feel better?  

Rolling doesn’t have to take long, and is actually more effective if you do it more frequently for shorter periods of time than less frequently for longer periods of time – aim for 5-10 minutes a day.  While the length of recovery depends on many factors, I’ve seen significant improvement with rolling every day for only two weeks.

roll-releaseWhat should I roll?  How do I roll _______? You’re in luck!  Starting June 6, Corpo Kinetic will be offering monthly Roll & Release workshops.  Each workshop will include a brief anatomy discussion – what are we rolling and why? – before diving into 45 minutes of pure rolling bliss.  You’ll leave feeling better, and will have tools for self-care at home.

Corpo Kinetic Turns One!

As of today, Corpo Kinetic Pilates & Wellness Studio has officially been open for a year!  To our clients, friends, and family:  thank you for making it a great one.  We love what we do, and look forward to spending many years to come helping you move better & feel better.

In the past year:

  • We’ve extended the hours we offer Private Sessions.  Whether you’re a weekend warrior or want a mid-week retreat, Corpo Kinetic’s trainers are here 7 days a week for you.
  • We’ve expanded our Small Group Class Schedule.  Not only are our classes practically a private, with a full array of props and creative, intelligent instructors, they are also varied enough to keep things interesting. (See schedule.)
  • This Spring, we debuted workshops: focused time on areas of particular interest.  Janet Das just led her Low Back Care workshop in April, and Jenna Anjali will be teaching Fabulous Feet in just 8 days!  (Sign up here.)
  • We’ve hosted many talented body workers who can help ease persistent aches and pains through massage and other forms of manual therapy.

… and we’re still at it.  Read below for upcoming workshops, events, and special offers from us to you.

Thank you!


Pilates Party
Save the Date
Corpo Kinetic’s “First Birthday” Open House
Sun, June 28th, 4-7pm

Stop on by for a glass of “Pilate Pale” (a beer brewed specifically to be enjoyed after a Pilates session), enjoy some healthy snacks, and play some Pilates-themed games.  Short demos of our favorite moves and techniques throughout the evening.

joe-windoSummer Deals

treat your body well this summer
Remember when summer was a care-free wonderland full of camping trips, lazy days by the pool, Popsicles, and other cool treats?

Adults deserve treats too, and this summer we recommend you give yourself one by taking advantage of some excellent deals on Bodywork and Pilates combo packages.  These “Treat Yourself Packages” are available for purchase through the end of July and won’t expire until the end of the year, so even if you have a current package, you can take advantage of this offer.  Simply ask at the studio, and we can set you up.

Intro Treat: $195
1 Body Work Session
1 Private Pilates Session
2 Group Classes
Super Treat: $535
3 Bodywork Sessions
3 Private Pilates Sessions
6 Group Classes
Group Class Treat: $265
6 Group Classes
2 Bodywork Sessions
Just Me Treat: $395
3 Bodywork Sessions
3 Private Pilates Sessions

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”
 -Joseph Pilates

Spring Workshops are here!

Low Back Care
create and support a healthy lumbar spine
Sun, April 12, 11-noon

Fabulous Feet
find your foundation: strong, flexible feet
Sat, May 9, 11-noon

I am happy to present a new offering at Corpo Kinetic – specialized workshops.  Designed to give you an hour of focused attention on ares of particular interest, these workshops will enhance your Pilates practice and help you feel more at home in your body.
Sign up.


low back careLow Back Care
Sun, April 12, 11-noon
with Janet Das

Discover and strengthen the “inner corset” which supports your back, learn what a neutral pelvis is and how improving your posture can help your low back, and learn simple strategies for building a happy, healthy lower back.
Sign up.

Janet-Das-headshotJanet Das is a Bay Area native who grew up dancing, acting and singing from a very young age.  Janet was introduced to the Pilates method from Jillian Hessel and Clare Duncan, and she became mat certified in April 2012 through Ellie Herman studios. She loves sharing her knowledge of the body with others and helping people to feel better and more whole in their bodies.

feetFabulous Feet
Sat, May 9, 11-noon
with Jenna Anjali

Our feet are our foundation. If you have achey arches, tight calves, or tired tootsies, this workshop is for you. Learn about the impressive architecture of your feet and discover tips and tricks to keep them strong and flexible.
Sign up.

Jenna-AnjaliJenna Anjali is certified as a Pilates Educator through Polestar Pilates. Additionally, she is a Master Level Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Polarity Practitioner, Yoga instructor and is working towards a certification in the Hendrickson Method.  Jenna finds joy in assisting her clients in rediscovering their body’s optimal form and maintaining it through bodywork and corrective exercise. 


$35 – single
$60 – both

Current group class package can be used for workshops.
Sign up.

Got an idea for a workshop you’d like to see us offer?  Let us know!

Holiday Pilates Schedule

_MG_7299 copyFrom December 22nd – January 4th, regularly scheduled group classes at Corpo Kinetic will be cancelled.  However, we have a special Holiday Schedule planned for you.With a limited schedule of classes, spots are scarce – sign in online to secure your mat!

  • Tues Dec 23
    8:30-9:25am:  Pre-Holiday Mat with Janet
    7:30-8:25pm:  Long & Lean Springboard with Jenna
  • Sat Dec 27
    9:00-9:55am:  Springboard Circuit with Janet
  • Mon Dec 29
    8:30-9:25am: Last Mat of the Year with Jenna
  • Tues Dec 30
    7:30-8:25pm:  Long & Lean Springboard with Jenna
  • Sat Jan 3
    9:00-9:55am:  Springboard Circuit with Jenna

Get your spot now  – sign in online.

Private Sessions Available with Janet and Jenna

Julia is out of town December 22-January 4th.  If you’d like to take a private Pilates session during that time, Janet and Jenna have made themselves available to you! Please check their schedules and book your appointment online.

Save the Date!  New Year’s Open House:  Jan 10th, 3-7pm

photo 1Celebrate the New Year at Corpo Kinetic Pilates Studio!  Come on by to see some Pilates demonstrations, enjoy some healthy treats, and enter to win a chance to win a few prizes which may help you with those New Year’s resolutions.A more formal invitation to come.

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season.

Our Studio Gets a Summer Makeover

Julia Hollas PILATES” becomes “Corpo Kinetic”

You may have heard through the grapevine — there are a few changes afoot at our cozy studio on Telegraph and Alcatraz. Rosie Liebe, owner of The Body Praxis, closed her Oakland business on Wednesday, April 30th in order to embark on an adventure to India. Today, the studio opens its doors for business as Corpo Kinetic.

I am thrilled to welcome Janet Das and Jenna Anjali as teachers at the “new” Corpo Kinetic studio. and to welcome Jennifer Mirich and Julie True – massage therapists who will be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are looking for rejuvenating Pilates or body work, the “J team” here has got you covered. Watch your inbox as the summer progresses for discounted offers for you to sample the Corpo Kinetic practitioners!

Introducing Fresh Start, a Pilates and Detox Program

detox_flyer_front-webimageI recently sat down with Brooke Leverone, a Naturopathic Doctor whose office is practically around the corner from The Body Praxis studio in Oakland. The purpose of our meeting was simple: how to bring together the services we offer in a way that would help our clients kick start their New Year and lay a platform for health and wellness in the months to come.

As we talked, we became more and more excited about the possibilities. Brooke’s experience has lead her to see many benefits of periodic nutritional detoxes in her clients. I love seeing how my Pilates mat class clients get the added boost of support from community as they learn more about their bodies, strengthen, and rebalance. We saw how both Pilates and detox programs are tools to help us reconnect to our bodies and remember what it feels like to function well — from the inside out.

This is why we’re thrilled to introduce our new Pilates and Detox program, Fresh Start. Fresh Start begins January 13th and offers both individual attention tailored to your health and fitness needs as well as group support and community. To fit your schedule, you can choose between a Two-Week Mini Program or a Four-Week Complete Program and one of two class times – either 10:30-11:30am Mon/Fri or 12:30-1:30pm Mon/Fri.

Participants will meet for a kick-off meeting on the 13th, during which we’ll introduce the detox program and Pilates and schedule one-to-one consultations with Brooke. For the next two or four weeks, as we detox, we’ll also meet twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays for Pilates classes. At the end of the four-week program participants will also meet individually with Brooke and as a group with Brooke and I to discuss their progress and make a plan for continued well-being into the new year.

A full outline of the Fresh Start program is available here, along with info for online registration.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the upcoming program, and that you might consider joining us! And if you will be joining us, also consider inviting a friend – our success rate at making healthy changes is higher the more we can involve those close to us in the process. May you have a healthy and happy holidays! Hope to see you in the New Year.