Client Guide for Outdoor Sessions

Alameda County has given the OK for outdoor fitness, and after some work in location scouting, supply gathering, and procedure setting, we are pleased to now have two outdoor locations available for private sessions and duets! 

Pilates on the Patio: 

Located on the courtyard outside our regular studio, we will have a reformer, Arc, and small props available.  We will have a designated area with a shade covering and outdoor rug for a little extra cushion.

Pilates in the Backyard: 

We have access to a private backyard space behind 6334 Telegraph, across the street from our regular studio.  While storage options make a reformer impossible at this location, we do have a chair, “over the door Springboard,” Arc, bosu ball, and small props.  We also have shade coverings.
*PLEASE NOTE: We do not have bathroom access at this location, however if needed you may use the bathroom across the street at our regular studio.  We will have hand sanitizer available.

Outdoor environments, combined with strict distancing, face coverings, and sanitation protocols, have been shown to carry a very low risk of transmission.  That said, we are mindful that the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 is a very worrisome trend.  We are instituting strict protocols to keep you and your trainer safe, and no sessions will take place without both client and trainer fully adhering to these protocols, as listed below.  

We will continue to offer virtual private sessions and virtual group classes during this time, and if your virtual sessions are working well for you, we invite you to stay with us on Zoom!

In good health and solidarity –
Julia and the Corpo Kinetic Team

Outdoor Studio Protocols

Face coverings. In addition to our sock policy, we now have a face mask policy!  A face covering must be worn at all times during your session.  If you’re feeling fashionable, feel free to coordinate your Pilates socks and Pilates face mask.  Your trainer will also be wearing a face mask.
** Need a face mask?  We’ve got some seamstresses in our midst.  Let us know and we’ll be happy to get you a homemade mask just for you.

Client arrival.  To eliminate cross-over at the studio, we request that clients arrive as close to their appointment time as possible. We invite you to wait in your car or walk around the block until it is time for your appointment.  If you arrive and the previous client has not left, we ask that you wait at least 6 feel away from all others.

Hand sanitizing.  Upon arrival at the outdoor studio, we ask that you sanitize your hands.  We will also be washing or sanitizing our hands between each client.

Equipment sanitation. All equipment and props will be sanitized after each client.  We have new vinyl coverings around our canvas foot and hand straps so that they can also be sanitized.  To streamline our sanitization processes, we will only be using a limited number of props and apparatus. 

Payment processing.  If we need to process a payment, we will get a verbal ok from you to run your card on file to avoid passing credit cards back and forth.  If you prefer to pay by check, we will have sanitized pens available.

Physical distancing.  Trainers will socially distance from you.  While we LOVE tactile cues, at this time the state is requiring businesses that can socially distance to do so, and health experts also stress the importance of strict social distancing whenever possible.  We will walk around, see you from all angles, offer verbal cues and physical demonstrations, and enjoy being in your presence.  

Health screening. Before your session begins, your trainer will take your temperature with an infrared no-touch thermometer and ask you some health screening questions.  Each staff member will also be taking their temperature daily and will be self-monitoring for symptoms.  We ask that you treat any new symptom as suspicious and contact us to cancel if you have a scheduled appointment (no late cancellations fees will apply).

In addition to symptom monitoring, you agree to let us know if you test positive for COVID-19, or have known exposure to someone who has developed COVID-19, if you have seen us in the 14-days prior to your diagnosis or known exposure.  

If a staff member develops any new symptoms, they will be asked to stay home without question, and will seek a COVID-19 test.  Should they test positive, we will also inform you if we have seen you in the past two weeks so that you may also seek testing.  This policy may result in last-minute rescheduling or cancellations.

We thank you for your understanding as we implement these policies as recommended by the CDC to protect your health and ours.

Without further ado, we can’t wait to see your 3-D faces!  Outdoor sessions are available for scheduling online, by calling/texting 510-463-1473, or emailing us.