Client Spotlight: Meet Nicole!

At Corpo Kinetic, we specialize in Pilates and bodywork for rehabilitation.  This means that the majority of our time is spent with people one-on-one, addressing individual needs and concerns.  However, we also offer a nice array of  group classes — check out our full schedule!  For clients who have advanced past an acute rehab need, group classes are a great way to maintain their newfound strength and flexibility and gain community by working out alongside others.  For this month’s client spotlight, we talk with Nicole!  Nicole has been doing Pilates with us for a few years now, and mixes it up with a private and a group class or two each week.  She’s gotten to work with three out of our four trainers, and we all love her sweet personality and determined nature.  Meet Nicole!

How long have you been doing Pilates?

I’ve been doing Pilates for about 4 years now!

Why did you originally start Pilates lessons? 

Originally, I sought out Pilates because I had constant lower back pain and I wanted to work on building back my strength. My mom was actually the one who introduced me to it – she said it’s not only good exercise but it’s also great for rehabilitative purposes.

What changes have you noticed in your body since you started?

I’ve definitely become more aware of my posture and body movements (especially trying to correct poor tendencies and habits when standing or sitting). I’ve also noticed a difference in flexibility. Although I’m pretty inflexible to begin with, I feel like through Pilates I’ve been able to gain more range of motion and develop a stronger core!

You do both private sessions and group classes with us here at Corpo Kinetic. What benefits do you get from your private sessions?

Private sessions give me the opportunity to really focus on specific areas whether it’s trouble spots, injury, or tight muscles. It also gives me the chance to choose the level of intensity (to a certain extent) in the case that I want to feel the burn in my abdominals or arms and what not =). Finally, in private sessions I’m really able to concentrate on correcting any postural habits and working with the trainer to achieve a certain short-term or long-term goal (flexibility and strength).

Are there things you enjoy about group classes that you don’t necessarily get in the one-on-one private sessions?

Absolutely! I love how in group classes you are working alongside people of different backgrounds so you get try out different workouts – it’s a nice mix up of levels and full body exercises and everyone gets a chance to provide input on what they would like to work on.

Do you have a favorite exercise?  

If I really had to choose…I would probably say bridges, roll downs, mermaid, and the one where you are horizontally jumping on the reformer! I also have a love-hate relationship with the elephant. I know that wasn’t just one exercise, but it’s hard to them narrow down – there are so many!

Joe Pilates famously thought that if the members of the UN could just do his first 10 exercises, we would finally have world peace.  What challenges – big or small, physical or mental – do you feel Pilates has helped you overcome?  

Pilates has really helped me overcome roadblocks when I workout by learning how to use your breath and constantly engaging your core muscles to help support movement and include more reps. Some of the breathing exercises involved in stretching and warming the muscles up are also really nice and meditative, so it relaxes the mind and body. You feel great afterwards!