Group Class F.A.Q.

What’s your group class schedule?
We currently have group classes six days a week.  Our most up-to-date schedule is on our Group Pilates Classes page.  If you want to be notified of when we add new group classes, I recommend joining our mailing list.

group Pilates classes, Pilates classes in OaklandDo I have to come to the same class every week?
Nope!  Our classes work on a drop-in basis, meaning that you are free to come to whichever class matches your ability and schedule.

That said, most clients find that coming to the same class(es) on a weekly basis works best for them as they build Pilates into their life.  If you’re going out of town or have a conflict one week, you are free to come to a different class or skip a week.  We want you to build a Pilates practice which works with your life, and while most people find they do that best by making a consistent commitment, we don’t hold you to it – that part is up to you!

How much does a class cost?
Springboard classes start at $35 for a drop in, and then have packages of:

  • 4 for $120
  • 8 for $220
  • 12 for $300

We offer one mat class on Wednesday mornings, and rates for that start at $30 for a drop in, or:

  • 4 for $100
  • 8 for $180
  • 12 for $245

Please note that the packages are promotional, and they will expire if you don’t use them within a given time frame.  See the rate section on our group class page for specifics.
– Why the difference in cost?  The Springboard equipment costs more to maintain, and we can accommodate one less person in a Springboard class.

group Pilates classes, Pilates classes in OaklandIf I buy a package, do I have to come every week?
Nope!  We build in some “cushion” to our promotional packages to allow for the occasional week out of town or scheduling conflict.
–  What happens if I’m going out of town for an extended time?  We are happy to extend the expiration date of your package.  The expiration date is meant as an incentive to help you take care of your body while you’re in town, not to punish you for taking some time away.

How big are your classes?
We pride ourselves in keeping our group classes small.  All Springboard classes are a maximum of four attendees.  Our mat class is slightly bigger at five.  This allows us to keep an eye on everyone, and offer individual attention in the group setting.  We care about helping you make real changes, so this small class size is very important to us.

I’m new to your studio.  Can I start with a group class?
We’d love to have a conversation with you first – give us a call at 510-463-1473 or email  Bodies and experience levels come in all shapes and sizes, and we like to make sure that the class you’ll be trying out is a good fit.

In most cases, if you’ve done Pilates before and are injury free, there shouldn’t be a problem with you starting off at Corpo Kinetic in a group class.

I’m new to Pilates.  Can I start with a group class?
We’d also love to have a conversation with you first!  (Give us a call at 510-463-1473 or email  We do have some group classes which are more appropriate for the beginner, including our Thursday evening Therapeutic Pilates Springboard, and our Monday and Wednesday morning Basic Mat and Springboard.

Some beginners really prefer to start their Pilates journey off with a few privates.  If you can take advantage of our Pilates Intro package (3 sessions for $240), you may find that you start your group classes feeling more confident, better able to follow the cues given by the instructor, and getting much more out of the group experience than if you started without private instruction.

I’m working with an injury. Is a group class right for me?
Guess what!  We’d love to have a conversation with you.  (In case you didn’t catch those digits yet, call us at 510-463-1473 or email  Our Thursday evening Therapeutic Pilates Springboard group class was designed for people working with injury, and moves at a deliberate pace, with extra attention to form and proper muscle firing patterns.  However, many factors may influence whether starting with this group class is right for you or not.  Even if you don’t do private instruction long term, you may benefit from both the familiarity your instructor will have with your body if you do a few privates before joining the group, and from knowing what modifications you need specific to your body.

What if I can’t keep up with the group?
I get different forms of this question all the time!  Let me start out by saying: most of us in Copro Kinetic group classes are not athletic-wear fashionistas – feel free to get yourself a fancy new Pilates outfit if you wish, or come in your favorite old t-shirt.  We don’t do Pilates 5 times a week, and we haven’t been doing Pilates since we were teenagers – we’re still learning.  Most of us have discovered Pilates later in our adult lives, and use it as a way to keep ourselves healthy and pain-free.  Many of us started off on our Pilates journey with an injury or pain.  We’re looking to progress in our own journeys and feel better, not to impress anyone.

group Pilates classes, Pilates classes in OaklandNow that that’s out of the way, let’s get a little more technical:  in some cases, an exercise which the group is doing won’t be right for you. While we as instructors do our best to program classes so that exercises are appropriate for those attending, we won’t be offended if you let us know an exercise doesn’t feel right or you’re not sure how you’re supposed to be executing it.  Often when one person asks a question in a group class, the rest of the group is wondering it too.  They’re probably thankful you spoke up!  If your questions is more specific to just you, the instructor may ask you to hang tight for a second while she gets the group moving, and then can come over to you and answer your question or give you a modification if you need it.  Remember, we keep our group classes small so that we can do just this type of thing.  Our goal is to make group classes work for each individual who is there.

I signed up for class, but [insert life event] happened, and I can’t make it!  What happens now?
Let us know as soon as your conflict comes up.  If it’s over 24 hours before the start of your class, all cancellations are free of charge.  Please keep in mind that, since we keep our classes small, the spot you reserve in class means that others aren’t able to take advantage of that spot.  Cancellations made with less than 24-hours notice are charged a “late cancel” fee of the equivalent of one class session.

That said, life does happen, and we understand.  If you’ve been coming to class consistently and cancelling with 24-hours notice or more when conflicts come up, when life takes you by surprise in the way of illness or emergency on the day of your class, please let us know as soon as you can.  Generally we can make an exception and waive the late cancel fee.

What if I’m late?
We ask that you make every effort possible to arrive to group classes on time.  If you are late, you’ll miss the verbal check-in we do at the start of each class, and your instructor won’t know if there’s anything she needs to be aware of with your body that day.  You may also miss the warm-up, which at worst could put you at risk of injury, and at the least means you won’t get the most out of the more advanced exercises which come later.

Sometimes we make every effort possible, and there’s still horrible traffic or an unanticipated tragic parking situation.  If you can make it to your mat within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time of class, please let us know you’re running a few minutes late and quietly join the class when you arrive.  If you can’t make it within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time of class, we ask that you skip this one in consideration of your safety and the disruption others in the class.

I’m ready to go!  How do I sign up?

Online scheduling for group Pilates classesThat link should take you to our online scheduling system.  You can also find this scheduling button on the group class page of our website – bookmark it for easy access!

Have a question not answered here?  We’re happy to help – give us a call at 510-463-1473 or email

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