Instructor Spotlight: Meet Janet!

Janet Collard is a dancer, Pilates instructor, and all around fantastic person who I am happy to have at Corpo Kinetic.  Janet teaches group classes on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, and works with private clients as well.  Janet teaches complex exercises in such a way that her clients accomplish them with ease and grace, and her classes are challenging, fun, and feel so good!  Check out Janet’s group class schedule, or sign up for a private session with her.

Q:  How were you originally introduced to Pilates?  
In college, at California Institute of the Arts.  Our ballet teacher was certified and we also had a Pilates mat class taught by one of the Pilates elders, Jillian Hessel.

Q:  Do you have a favorite exercise or technique which you just love to do?  Why is it your favorite?  The practice of strengthening my core while remaining in neutral spine/pelvis is very powerful for me.  I get an activation of the pelvic floor and a real strengthening of my core front to back.  One of my favorite exercises is Carolla’s Breathing.  It always makes my back happier.

Q: Why did you decided to become an instructor, and what is your favorite part about teaching?
After getting an injury while dancing, I sought out Pilates for rehab and cross training.  It reinstated how great this work is for all people, which motivated me to want to teach it to help others feel better and stronger and more confident in their bodies.

Q:  Joseph Pilates is quoted as saying “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”  As a dancer and Pilates instructor,  you are quite fit!  Of all the ways to obtain fitness out there, what draws you to Pilates?
Because Pilates is a holistic form of exercise, it will work your entire body.  Often people think they have to move really fast and repeatedly to get in shape.  While we do need cardio in our lives I find that our obsessive workout culture can overdo it.  Pilates is a way to come back to the basics of alignment, form, and breath to be able to move forward in your workouts more mindfully and therefore keeping you healthy and active for longer.

Q:  And on that dancing note – when can we next see you perform?  I will be performing in the Bach Project in May at the San Francisco Community Music Center!  You can get more information at my website: