Men Who Pilates

First, as a grammar nerd, I’d like to apologize for this post’s title.  Pilates is not a verb – it is a noun referring to the system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates.  However, social media has changed everything, including our use of grammar.  The title of this post comes from a hashtag: #menwhopilates

If you haven’t seen it, here’s one of the most popular #menwhopilates posts :

Yes, that’s Kobe on a reformer!  Looks like he’s doing a prep for the Hundreds.

At Corpo Kinetic, we have men who do that too!

While Pilates originally had a reputation of only being done by rich women in between facials and hair appointments, in recent years I’ve seen a big change around that perception – and thank goodness.  Pilates is a challenging, adaptable system which is appropriate for men, women, injury rehab, and training for athletic performance.  Joseph Pilates, the founder, was a man after all:  a professional boxer who trained the Scotland Yard before emigrating to the USA, and is said to have spent his spare time walking around the streets of New York City smoking cigars.  The original spring equipment came from Joe’s work rehabilitating injured soldiers.

Let’s talk briefly about the Pilates springs:  they come in different colors.  The colors stand for different weights.  If a Pilates instructor needs to challenge you, they can adjust the springs to do so.  That means that if you’re grandmother and you were to do the same Pilates reformer exercise, the spring settings might be completely different.  Chances are, your grandmother would use lighter springs.  (But then, you never know:  I have worked with some incredibly strong seniors in my day.)

So men, welcome to the Pilates world.  We’re glad you’re here.  If you’re an athlete who’s forgotten to stretch for the past decade, we can help with that.  If you’ve realized your core strength has something to be lacking, we’re here for you.  If you’re hoping to train to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, have you tried lunges and mountain climbers on the Wunda chair?  They’ll make Kilimanjaro feel like a breeze.  Men, we got you!

Without further ado, here are a few of the men of Corpo Kinetic, with a brief statement on what they get out of their Pilates sessions:

“I started Pilates with a shoulder injury, but since then a lot more has benefited than my shoulder.  Through Pilates, I’ve learned about proper body mechanics and posture.  I feel like my weekly sessions are essentially an insurance policy which helps me nip things in the bud before they become an issue.  I go in with curiosities and leave with strength and understanding.”  – Dave K.

“Pilates has allowed me to regain the ability to once again enjoy many of the things I lost after I was injured and has lowered the amount of pain I’ve been living with for years.  On a day to day level, pilates helps me be much more functional.  Julia’s attention to detail and form is amazing and something I just wasn’t getting with physical therapy.  Pilates, without a doubt, has increased my quality of life and although I was hesitant to do it in the past, I’m now a firm believer!” – Mason K.

“Pilates is more than a physical activity. Balance is vital for a healthy lifestyle and Pilates provides me with the perfect balance between body and mind.”  – Angel B.

“Two words–fluid strength. That’s what this is all about.  I have rediscovered movement that had imperceptibly disappeared over the years and regained strength I thought was irreversibly gone. Now I am more present in my body, more active and find myself dancing in the kitchen again. But the real surprise and delight, in my experience, is that the exercises themselves go from embarrassing clumsiness to a dance, an unexpected grace, a growth of fluid strength. So you feel your progress in the moment as well as across time. And, inevitably in this process, you learn to know and experience your anatomy, musculature, breathing and balance. Hello body.”  – Richard B.
“Pilates gives me the opportunity to challenge my physical, emotional and psychological strength in ways that no other activity can. By engaging in Pilates on a regular basis, I have a chance to dialogue with myself about how I’m doing and how I’m feeling about my body and, by extension, about myself. It’s not for sissies, that’s for sure. But the end of each session comes with its own reward of satisfaction and gratitude.” – David H.