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Jenna Anjali
Master Pilates Trainer

Jenna Anjali is a nationally certified Massage Therapist, Pilates instructor and Yoga teacher with over 15 years experience.  She specializes in combining movement with manual therapy to restore balance, rehabilitate injuries and get to the root cause of chronic pain. She enjoys working with a diverse group of clientele ranging from seniors to pre and post-partum women.

 Jenna grew up in an environment where she was introduced to Reiki, yoga and sound healing at a young age and naturally gravitated towards the healing arts. Through her own journey with scoliosis and spinal stenosis, she discovered the benefits of yoga, Pilates and bodywork first hand. Using the same techniques she uses with clients, she was able to get herself out of pain and even avoid surgery.

Jenna began practicing yoga and studying yoga therapy in her late teens and became a certified yoga instructor in 2004 through Anusara yoga. In 2005, she traveled to Thailand to become certified in Thai Massage. Thirsty to learn more, she then completed a two- year massage certification at the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. While studying various massage modalities, she was additionally certified in Cranial Sacral Unwinding (Polarity Healing Arts), Cranial Sacral Therapy (Upledger Institute), and became an AP Polarity Practitioner.

 Jenna discovered Pilates while searching for new ways to strengthen and rehabilitate her injuries from the demands of Indian dance. Wanting to help others achieve the same results, she became a certified Pilates instructor in 2012 through Polestar Pilates.

 In 2014, Jenna began studying the Hendrickson Method with Tom Hendrickson and has completed three years of training under his guidance. This style of Orthopedic Massage is a gentle approach which blends Eastern philosophy with evidence-based manual therapy techniques. It combines very specific soft tissue unwinding strokes with joint mobilization and muscle activation.  These sessions are very effective at re-educating the nervous system by strengthening communication to the muscles and joints, relieving pain and dysfunction at its source.

 Jenna is always interested in growing as a therapist and learning more to help her clients.   With her free time, she dances with Nava Dance Collective and loves to garden, hike, camp and paddle board

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Linnea Rothenmaier
Master Pilates Trainer

Linnea is a rehabilitative pilates and yoga instructor and personal trainer.  She is skilled in Anatomy in Motion (Aim), Rocktape performance taping, and corrective exercise.  Linnea looks closely at the feet and the gait cycle (walking) as a way to assess and properly rehabilitate the structural alignment of the entire body.  She is a retired competitive athlete and circus performer with over 10 years of active teaching, coaching and helping thousands of clients from post-rehab to advanced athlete.

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Beth Sanzone
Certified Pilates Instructor

Beth is a Balanced Body certified instructor.  She loves to challenge people in their movement journey while also drawing them inward to better connect and appreciate their bodies innate ability to heal.  Her goal is to help people feel more balanced and resilient in how their body moves everyday.<!

Beth has been drawn to the healing power of movement her whole life. Thanks to her mom, she started dancing at an early age and began her journey of teaching movement to others 20+ years ago. While living in Panama she discovered her joy of the Pilates method. She started the intensive teacher training program and has been teaching ever since. While raised and rooted in Nebraska, she has been a life-long adventurer living around the world becoming a student of various movement disciplines and philosophies.

Up until recently, Beth was also a PR warrior in the corporate working with disruptive start-up companies as they launched their brands. Previously, she worked as press secretary to then U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel and in PR and communications for U.S. Embassies  in Kabul and Panama. In between government work, she was part of the APCO Worldwide team helping global brands tell their stories. 

Perhaps most grounding, she is the mother to three vibrant kids and one furry english bulldog, step-mother to a beautiful woman, and wife to the best husband around. She resides in North Oakland and is most at home in nature, dancing, meditating or cuddling with her tribe.

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Nati Oron
Certified Pilates Instructor

Nati teaches Pilates, Foam Rolling, and Lagree in boutique studios throughout the Bay Area. She’s a body positive advocate and enjoys creating safe spaces for people to challenge themselves and get stronger.

Nati completed her Pilates training in Bali, participating in a month-long intensive Balanced Body program led by Master Trainer Sook Fun Chen. Nati is always happy to nerd out about body and movement, feminism and changing the world, or travel and adventure!

Nati’s classes offer a variety of variations and modifications to ensure there is an appropriate option for every unique body. She believes that we are often so much stronger than we know and that there’s nothing more empowering than discovering your own strength.

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Julia Hollas
Studio Owner, Master Pilates Trainer

Julia was first introduced to Pilates as a young dancer, and was hooked when the method helped her rehab a knee injury and return to professional dancing.  She has been teaching Pilates since 2011, and has been incorporating massage and bodywork into her rehab sessions since 2017.  Julia has helped dancers, runners, tennis players, bikers, and golfers improve their performance, and has helped people with scoliosis, low back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel symptoms, hip replacements, knee pain, poor posture, neck pain and more move better and feel better in their bodies.

Julia's modalities include Active Release Technique, deep tissue massage, Neurokinetic Therapy, and Pilates for rehabilitation and fitness.  She strongly believes in continuing to learn and study at any stage of development, and enjoys helping her clients discover the wealth of information their bodies hold.