COVID-19 UPDATE: Our physical studio is temporarily closed to protect the health of our community.  We are still teaching!  Join your instructor virtually, where via video conferencing, we will still see you, watch you move, and offer individualized instruction.   Stay strong and keep moving with our expert instructors — in cyberspace!

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New to Corpo Kinetic?

Start with our Pilates Intro Package

Three 55-minute Private Sessions for $210 


 Private Session Rates

Master Trainer: 55-minute sessions
Single: $110   5-pack: $525   10-pack: $1020    20-pack: $1980 

Trainer: 55-minute sessions
 Single: $95    5-pack: $450    10-pack: $870    20-pack: $1680 


The Core +

Pilates is built around core strength, and is so much more than just the core.  We’ll help you build a strong support for you spine and hips with core-focused exercises, then connect that awareness into full-body exercises for a well-balanced workout.

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Balanced Strength and Flexibility 

Joints need balanced support on all sides, and muscles should be both strong and flexible.  By working on healthy  joint movement patterns in a full range-of-motion, we help you build balanced strength and flexibility to support happy joints.

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Personalized Workouts

Pilates is about you! Bring your goals and curiosities with you to the studio and see how personalized workouts make profound changes.  In your first session, your intake will include postural and movement assessments to help shape a program best suited for your body.

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Developing a Home Program

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Many of our private Pilates clients benefit from developing a 20-30 minute home program with their instructor.  The home program is customized for you, simple to do, and helps you maintain progress in-between private Pilates sessions.

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