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Your Private Session

Pilates is about you! Bring your goals and curiosities with you to the studio and see how personalized workouts make profound changes.

Sessions start with a quick check-in of how you’re doing.  For first timers, your instructor will start with an in-depth intake and postural and movement assessment.  In your Pilates workout, we keep things safe, challenging, and fun.  With those goals in mind, you may use the Pilates equipment, mat work, small props — expect a mix which keeps you moving, progressing, and enjoying the work.

All sessions and classes are one hour in length, including arrival, exercise, payment, and scheduling future sessions. You may save time by scheduling sessions online and printing and filling out your intake paperwork at home.

What to Wear

Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. You’ll be laying down some of the time with arms and legs in the air, so make sure your clothes move with you. You’ll be asked to remove your shoes at the door. Socks are required for all sessions.  We recommend grip socks if you have them, but if not your regular socks will work fine.

What to Bring

Please bring a water bottle if you’d like one and, if it’s your first time here, bring your intake forms (or come early to fill them out).

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.


New to Corpo Kinetic?

Ask about our Pilates Intro Package

3 Private Sessions for $240
*promotional package expires if not used one month from purchase



 Private Session Rates

Senior Trainer
Single: $95
5-pack: $450 **
10-pack: $850 **
 Single: $85
5-pack: $400 **
10-pack: $750 **

**promotional packages expire if not used as follows:
– 5-packs: two months from purchase
– 10-packs: four months from purchase



Duet Session Rates*

Senior Trainer:
Single: $75
5-pack: $350 **
10-pack: $650 **
Single: $65
5-pack: $300 **
10-pack: $550 **

* Duet sessions are for two people.  Cost is per person
**promotional packages expire if not used as follows:
– 5-packs: two months from purchase
– 10-packs: four months from purchase


Developing a Home Program

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Many of our private Pilates clients benefit from developing a 20-30 minute home program with their instructor.  The home program is customized for you, simple to do, and helps you maintain progress in-between private Pilates sessions.

Small Props

We’re in the business of helping you move better and feel better, not selling you stuff… but when you’re working with a specific goal or injury, sometimes a specific product can really help.

Find that product your trainer recommended to you on our Amazon local associates page.