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Injury Prevention & Recovery

Get out of pain and back into the activities you love.  Pilates rebalances the body, improves posture, strengthens weak muscles, and improves flexibility.  Our trainers have a passion for rehab and have experience with multiple orthopedic conditions.  Start here.

Sports Rehab & Training

Keep your body flexible, well balanced, and working at its best.  Pilates works for off-season cross training and injury prevention during the height of your training.  Start here.

Holistic Fitness

Gain strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance.  Pilates training starts with building a strong core and expands to a full-body fitness program.  Start here.

What our clients say…

How have rehabilitative Pilates & Corpo Kinetic made a difference for you?

"I love how I feel after Pilates - strong, balanced and ready to take on the day. Best of all, after just three classes my boyfriend pointed out that my abs are starting to show. Woohoo!" Saill White
"After taking Pilates, my back does not bother me at all, and I still work really long hours. It happens so seamlessly that I just realized that I have not been thinking about my back pain for a long time – wow!!!!" Iryna Oreshkova, M.B.A., C.P.A.
"I've tried Pilates a few times over the years with very little success. Working with Julia was awesome! I felt like Pilates finally made sense to me!" Lynn Grogan
"The trainers at Corpo Kinetic have corrected my whoopsy posture, strengthened my 50-year-old muscular structure, and (making me come back for more), charmed, amused, and put me at ease during my private sessions." Mantra Plonsey

About Us

Corpo Kinetic is Pilates studio on the Oakland/Berkeley border. We specialize in rehab care and Pilates for injury recovery and prevention.
Corpo Kinetic
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