If you’ve ever done a kegel, or even if you know about this simple exercise, you may know where the pelvic floor is, but why is it so important?  The pelvic floor is the “pilot light” for our internal core unit, it helps support our organs and it helps ensure proper hip, lower back, and pelvis movement mechanics.  And there is so much more to it than the kegel!
The pelvic floor is a muscle, and like any muscle in can (and should) contract and relax, shorten and lengthen.  Learn the basic anatomy of the pelvic floor, discover how it works dynamically with the rest of your body, and learn some simple at-home exercises you can do to improve your pelvic, lower back, or hip health.

Sunday, August 25

Regular price: $45
Early Bird pricing: $35 if registered by Aug. 11


foot pain anatomy

Your feet are important to whole body health! Learn more about your incredible feet and find easy self care remedies to build balance and strength from the ground up.

Please don’t forget to bring your feet! In this workshop, we will use any issues or complaints the participants might have as a way to better understand our own alignment and walking mechanics.

  • Learn the basics about the sophisticated design of the human foot
  • Explore interactive movements with guided verbal and hands-on instruction to help you discover more about your own feet
  • Build an arsenal of easy self-care remedies to care for your feet and your whole body

Some examples of injuries or complaints that can be addressed in The Foot Workshop include:

  • fallen arches
  • plantar fasciitis
  • foot, heel, or knee pain
  • hip or low back pain
  • chronic injuries
  • issues with walking or running

If that sounds like you, or if you are curious to learn more about your feet and their relationship to your whole body, join us!

Sunday, September 15

Regular price: $45
Early Bird pricing: $35 if registered by Aug. 11

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