self-massage techniques for pain reduction and relaxation

Empower yourself to roll away everyday aches and pains!  Learn how to use basic self-massage tools such as the foam roller and massage balls to effectively ease muscle tension and increase mobility.  Learn the basic anatomy of where and why to roll, as well as self-massage techniques based on how a massage therapist would work to release your tight spots.  Lead by massage therapist and Pilates instructor Julia Hollas.

Sunday, May 5th

Regular price:  $45
Early-bird pricing: $35 if registered by April 29

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foot pain anatomy

The Foot Workshop

Your feet are important to whole body health! Learn more about your incredible feet and find easy self care remedies to build balance and strength from the ground up.

Please don’t forget to bring your feet! In this workshop, we will use any issues or complaints the participants might have as a way to better understand our own alignment and walking mechanics.

  • Learn the basics about the sophisticated design of the human foot
  • Explore interactive movements with guided verbal and hands-on instruction to help you discover more about your own feet
  • Build an arsenal of easy self-care remedies to care for your feet and your whole body

Some examples of injuries or complaints that can be addressed in The Foot Workshop include:

  • fallen arches
  • plantar fasciitis
  • foot, heel, or knee pain
  • hip or low back pain
  • chronic injuries
  • issues with walking or running

If that sounds like you, or if you are curious to learn more about your feet and their relationship to your whole body, join us!

Sunday, February 24
** full!  email us to join the waitlist

NEW DATE:  Sun, March 3, 12:30-2pm

Regular price: $45
Early Bird pricing:  $35 if registered or on the waitlist by February 1

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Meet Linnea!

Pilates instructor, gait specialist, Oakland PilatesLinnea Rothenmaier utilizes the masterful work of Gary Ward’s ‘Anatomy in Motion’ as a way to assess and properly rehabilitate the structural alignment of the entire body.  A large focus is placed on the movement habits of the feet and the walking cycle which together create anatomical relationships that travel up the body.  Linnea helps to empower clients to better understand how their bodies work and how to help their bodies to heal.

Linnea has been teaching for over 10 years and is an experienced pilates and yoga instructor, personal trainer, and gait based corrective exercise specialist. She is also a retired competitive athlete and aerial circus performer. She has helped thousands of people find more strength and mobility within their everyday lives as well as enhancing athletic performance.

Linnea will be leading The Foot Workshop on Sunday, February 24th, and is also available for private sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays.